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Welcome to the website of Las Vegas Personal Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist Matt Hanson. Private Gym, LVAC and in-home training available. Nutrition/meal planning included.
My mission is to improve your life through teaching and motivating you to your Health, Fitness and Performance goals. My personal training will push you further than you ever thought was possible. You will feel better, look better, live longer, and be amazed at what your new body and motivated self can do. Designed exclusively by me, this systematic and integrated Total Body training, conditioning and rehabilitation program will be customized for every client to reach any goal. Click here to get started.

Certified Las Vegas Personal Trainer

Certifications matter, why? My NSCA-CPT certification is the most respected personal training certification available. My professional education ensures that I design safe and effective exercise programs, provide the guidance to help clients achieve their personal health/fitness goals and respond appropriately in emergency situations.

Training in Home, at our private gym or at LVAC

Convenience is key in creating routines that stick. I can come to your home or we can set up training at our private gym or a Las Vegas Athletic Club (LVAC) convenient for you.

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Terry Fator

Before Training During Training

What Terry says:

Before I started with Matt I never dreamed I could ever get into a workout regimen. I have always hated exercising but Matt works within my limitations and abilities and pushes me  to excel. I will be using his services for many years to come. Plus it’s so exciting to fit into clothes I haven’t worn in years and I feel better than I have in decades. Thanks, Matt, for bringing out the thinner more energetic me!

Terry Fator

Winner of America’s Got Talent and Headliner at the Mirage.


Katie H.

Before Training After Training

What Katie says:

Extra holiday weight and poor overall eating habits led to some extra and unnecessary pounds prior to my wedding. When I realized that I wouldn’t be able to do it without the help of a personal trainer, I contacted Matt Hanson with Sin City Training for a consultation. Although I wanted to lose a few pounds, I was really looking to change my eating habits and overall physique.

With Matt’s nutritional guidance and regular workouts, I noticed that my body was changing within only a few months. I was losing inches everywhere and gaining muscle definition – so much so that at my wedding, my boss (whom I see everyday) remarked that she had no idea how in shape I was! I wouldn’t have looked as great as I did on my wedding without Matt and would without hesitation recommend him to anyone who wants to get into shape or generally look and feel better.

Katie H.

Katie Training Statistic:

Weight Waist Body Fat % Time Elapsed
Before After Before After Before After
127 lbs 119 lbs 28 in 25 in 22 % 15% 8 Weeks

Beau B.

Before Training After Training

What Beau says:

There are a number of things that contributed to my weight problems, such as five major knee surgeries, a lot of stress on the job, quitting smoking and poor choices. At the age of 44 I was an obese 245 pounds. I felt lousy and looked lousy, but moreover, I was a ticking time bomb. I decided to make a change. In order for me to be successful, I was going to need the right kind of professional help. I got that help from Matt Hanson of Sin City Training. Matt worked with me on an eating plan to get control of the foods I was putting in my body. He put together a progressive workout plan that accommodated for the physical limitations of my surgically repaired knee. Matt’s creativity always kept my workouts interesting and challenging. I now am under 200 pounds for the first time in 17 years.

Beau B.

Beau’s Training Statistics:

Weight Waist Body Fat % Time Elapsed
Before After Before After Before After
244 lbs 199 lbs 44 in 36 in 32 % 19% 24 Weeks

Taylor Makakoa

What Taylor says:

I love Matt! Just a couple of months after I started working with Matt I was the most confident I’ve ever been! I saw a huge difference in overall weight and muscle tone! I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to be happier and healthier!

Taylor Makakoa
Model/Actress featured in Playboy and Maxim

Ashley M.

Before Training After Training

What Ashley says:

Matt is a phenomenal trainer. He takes the time to get to know what your needs are and what you truly want to accomplish. I was trying to tone up for my upcoming wedding and we accomplished exactly that. I felt so much better after only the first two sessions and could really see a difference.

Ashley M.

Danielle A.

What Danielle says:

I’m a professional dancer here in Vegas and my job keeps me in good shape. I recently was hired at a show where my dancing was pretty minimal and I realized I needed more of a work out at the gym to keep an athletic body. When I was looking for trainers, Matt came highly recommended. After working out with him for a few weeks, I noticed I was leaner in my midsection and legs. Now that it’s been a few short months I see strong muscle definition, I feel better and I’m more confident. I know every time I have a session with him, he’s going to push me to get a good workout. I’ve passed on his contact information to many of my friends.

Danielle A.


Leah M.

Before Training After Training

What Leah  says:

MATT ROCKS!!! I am currently an artist with Cirque du Soleil out on recovery from foot surgery. Because I cannot perform each night like usual, I need a way to keep my athletic physique in shape without doing cardio on a machine because I am unable to. With our workouts and extensive planning in nutrition, Matt actually lowered my body fat percentage as well as weight, and helped me gain and lose inches in each of the places in which I had concern. He fulfilled everything that I had hoped for, and now I’m going back into the show with a better body than I had left with!

Leah M.


Jim F.

What Jim says:

I have been training with Matt for two years. I have great results, having lowered my body fat, strengthening my core, my legs and my arms. He changes exercises each time to strengthen areas that need strengthening, to improve cardiovascular fitness, and to avoid boredom. Also I use Matt to keep from injuring myself, to keep from over exerting exercises, and to keep coming to the gym. I’m lazy! Thanks to Matt, my anti-aging goals are met because I wouldn’t think to do the things Matt has me do. Matt isn’t the type of trainer who exudes false enthusiasm, but he does encourage the best out of you in a low key manner. If you don’t like disingenuous rah-rah, you’ll love Matt.

Jim F.


Rebecca K.



What Rebecca  says:

My idea of working out before I met Matt was going to the gym occasionally, maybe doing a workout video, and attending Barre classes.  Though I was fairly regular at Barre, I wasn’t getting the results I wanted.  I felt more toned, but I wanted muscle since I really hadn’t ever had it before.  I’ve never been one to work out and feel physically tired and experience real “good” soreness.  Barre class made me sore and I had some results, but after months of doing it, I decided to find a trainer.  I’m so glad I found Matt.  The first week of training opened my eyes to a whole new work out world.  My body was pushed from the start.  But I left the work outs feeling liked I’d accomplished something great.  As the sessions progressed, I felt myself getting stronger.  Matt pushed me to try new things while understanding my limitations since I have Rheumatoid Arthritis.  As I started getting stronger, we increased the weight.  For the first time in my life, I can see muscle definition and I feel like I’m more toned than ever.  Matt also gave me ideas on ways to eat better.  He came up with a meal plan and gave me a list of options for healthy food.  It’s much easier to shop at the grocery store if you have a list of what is good for you!  The bottom line, Matt taught me how to work out.  Before seeing Matt, I would never dream of going to the gym and lifting weights.  After training with Matt, I now know what machines and free weights can accomplish my goals.  He even started my habit of going at least 3-4 times a week.  It’s been great!  I would absolutely recommend his expertise to anyone at any level.

Rebecca K.


Brooke J.


What Brooke says:

Matt helped me build more muscle tone and strength. He motivated us to keep working and to improve our diet. He provided a meal plan that was really helpful. He helped us get more muscle definition. His personality is really fun and pushes you without being too aggressive. I would definitely work with him again and recommend him to others.


Brooke J.


Anthony K.

What Anthony says:

I’ve had personal trainers over the last 10 yrs and I can honestly say that none were able to help me as much as Matt has.

Matt’s training method is just what I needed. I’m not good at getting yelled and screamed and that’s what I like about Matt.

What makes Matt different from other trainers I’ve had is that Matt does not Motivate you or Push you, he makes you motivate yourself and push yourself beyond anything you ever thought possible. .. oh, and just so you know, no amount of whining or complaining will get you off from doing those 3 last reps.

Matt makes me dig deep within and find strength and endurance that I didn’t even think I had.

When I started with him, I couldn’t even run one lap around the gym track without feeling like my heart was going to explode.  Matt challenged my body with exercises that I had never done before and even though I was downright pathetic in every single one of them at the beginning, I am amazed at how much fitter I am only a few months down the road.

Today, I can exercise for a whole hour without breaks and I can’t begin to tell you how good that feels.  Working out with Matt has helped me do more than just lose body fat. I sleep better, I’m in a better mood, I have 10 times more energy than I did just a few months ago and I feel good and confident in my own skin. Plus, I now know I can run from danger if I had to..

I highly recommend Matt as a personal trainer. If you’re in the Las Vegas area and you want a trainer that will keep you self-motivated so you actually look forward to your workout sessions, Matt is just the right guy for you.

Give him a try. You won’t regret it.

Anthony K.

What Eric says:

I am in the best shape of my life because of Matt Hanson at Sin City Training !!!! He gave me my life back by keeping me on track both in the gym and at the dinner table. I feel great, I look great, and owe it all to Matt for showing me the way. By the way, he is the 5th trainer in Las Vegas I have used, and Matt is without a doubt the BEST and if you ask around you will find he has an impeccable reputation for success with his clientele.

Eric H.


What Jessica says:


Great results!!! I trained with Matt to get in shape for my wedding. He was very helpful in recommending proper nutrition and his workouts really helped me to tone up and fit perfectly into my wedding dress. During that time, he helped me to lose about 7 pounds for my wedding. All my friends and family gave me a ton of compliments on the shape I was in and it was definitely because of Matt’s help. He held me accountable for my diet and knew the right workouts to get the results I wanted. He’s great!

Jessica G.


Jason G.


What Jason says:

If your looking for a personal trainer that can customize to your goals and that works with you to make sure you surpass those goals than Matt is yor trainer. Matt has been training me for 4 months now and he has improved my quality of life with his training. It is amazing the results I have seen in such a short period of time. I have never felt better and I owe it all to Matt. And best of all Matt is always willing to work with my scheduling to find a time to fit me in. Which is really important as I am a business owner and sometimes times can be tough for me to come by. Thanks Matt for improving my quality of life. If you are looking to get that much needed energy back in life than Matt is your trainer.

Jason G.


What Jherome says:

I have been training with Matt from Sin City Training for just over three months now. In that time I have lost 25 lbs. and approximately 10.5% body fat. Matt not only works with you in the gym but emphasizes proper nutrition as well. In addition to introducing me to “My Fitness Pal”, Matt has developed various meal plans and healthy recipes for me. I have started workout routines several times in the past only to quit weeks or months later. I have never achieved the results that I have so far, in other workout programs/diets. I would highly recommend Matt and Sin City Training to anyone trying to achieve their weight loss and fitness goals.
Jehrome T.

Carlos S.

Before Training After Training

What Carlos says:

I HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I tried for years to lose weight and was unsuccessful doing it on my own. I searched for a personal trainer, and decided on Sin City Training. Matt Hanson has helped me lose over 30 lbs. (and counting!) since I started working out with him- the man knows his stuff! Not only have I lost the weight, but I feel so much better about myself- Matt has truly given me a new life. He’s a great trainer, motivator, and is very knowledgeable. I have a great time when I’m working out with him- he is by far the best personal trainer in Las Vegas!

Carlos S.


What Michael says:

I’ve been training with Matt for nearly two years. He’s the only trainer I recommend to friends. His knowledge of what exercises are best based on your goals is invaluable.
Michael C.

What Paula says:

Personable,caring and gets down to business. Makes “YES AND ONE OR TWO MORE” part of your new vocabulary. His challenge was a 73 year old over weight, diabetic, woman with vertigo. Lost 10 pounds and on the way to more. TRY MATT, YOU WON’T BE SORRY!!!!!!!

Paula R.


What Jesse says:

After 11 years of minimal exercise due to multiple back surgeries, Matt has helped me get my life back. He gave me specialized workout routines to increase strength and flexibility and worked on strengthening my core and lower body to help support my lower back. I have been using his services for sometime now and he has got me back into the activities I love, such as golf, something I thought I would never be able to participate in again. Along with a strict nutrition regimen, I have gone down almost 30 pounds and my energy level has skyrocketed.

Thank you Matt again for helping me get my life back!!

Jesse C.





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