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My mission is to improve your life through teaching and motivating you to your Health, Fitness and Performance goals. My personal training will push you further than you ever thought was possible. You will feel better, look better, live longer, and be amazed at what your new body and motivated self can do. Designed exclusively by me, this systematic and integrated Total Body training, conditioning and rehabilitation program will be customized for every client to reach any goal. Click here to get started.
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matthew hanson headshotMatthew Hanson, NSCA-CPT
Personal Trainer Las Vegas

Bachelor’s Degree in
Kinesiological Sciences-
The study of human movement and physical activity (emphasis in nutrition).
Over a decade of experience training men and women of all ages and fitness levels.

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Taylor Makakoa, Model/Actress Featured in Playboy and MaximI love Matt! Just a couple of months after I started working with Matt I was the most confident I've ever been! I saw a huge difference in overall weight and muscle tone!Read more »

-- Taylor Makakoa,
Model/Actress Featured in Playboy and Maxim

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